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If you an SEO expert or a freelance writer? Do you wish to receive a high-quality, contextual hyperlink to “SEO News” a blog for digital marketing? We’re offering you the chance to contribute content for our blog and send material to our blog on digital marketing.

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The Reasons to Write an Article for Guest Posting for SEO News?

We appreciate the time you’ve worked as a guest writer to create quality posts for us to publish on our website. In exchange, we’ll share your article in our blogs and also share the story via social media so that you’ll be able to reach more people with an interest in the field of digital and technological marketing. You are able to write about tech, business and digital marketing with us.

Tips on Digital Marketing Write a Guest Blog for Us

If you are interested in writing for our blog on technology and digital marketing Please read through the guidelines for guest posts and then write an engaging post to our blog.

  1. Your article should be unique that is free of errors intriguing and not copied. The piece should be crafted specifically intended for SEO News and Updates posts. Do not use tools that utilize artificial intelligence to write content to be used on our blogs.
  2. Before you suggest a subject to be a guest post topic You should go through our blog attentively and ensure that it’s not already covered in the idea. You must be aware of how we write and what types of topics we post on our site.
  3. The content must be at least 700-1000 words in length and should be optimized for SEO.
  4. We won’t ever post content that is stolen from our website, therefore please do not send us content that’s already posted elsewhere.
  5. Do not include broken or spammy hyperlinks in the text of your guest blog post.
  6. The first step is to check your content. We suggest using Copyscape, a Copyscape tool to identify duplicate content.
  7. Your content should be easy to understand and easy to comprehend and utilize.
  8. You’ll need to provide me with an image of high-quality (1200750 pixels) as well as two smaller ones which don’t take up a lot of space. They must also be free of copyright concerns.
  9. One link can be found in the text in itself, while the other is in the bio of the author. To find good backlinks, you should go through these Google Webmaster Guidelines.
  10. We’ll be able to modify the spelling, grammar, and style of your guest post should we wish to.
  11. We have one working day to review the report. If we require your help to proceed we’ll inform you.
  12. In the document on content, it is recommended to include your meta description and title. Meta tags can help increase the ranking of guest posts in the SERP.
  13. Live content can be shared via Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Be sure to not share your guest post on websites that don’t work or are full of junk.

Should you need to ask any queries please contact us. in contact with us.

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How “SEO news post” Shouldn’t You Publish?

Here are some of the items that aren’t recognized as acceptable by SEO News. It is essential to keep these points in your head while you write the blog’s content.

  • We are not a fan of promotional content.
  • Content created using AI tools for writing content is not allowed on our blog.
  • We do not accept posts that are written solely to target the keyword in the form of a guest post. Examples include Digital Marketing Agency in Florida and SEO Company in New York.
  • Poor-quality content that lacks correct Headings, Sub Headings, or Bullet Points
  • Content of guest post posts that do not contain images is not deemed acceptable by us.

What are the benefits of composing a guest article to SEO News?

Here are a few benefits you’ll gain by posting your guest article on our blog that discusses digital marketing. We appreciate the effort and effort you invest in creating the post to be published on our site.

We ensure that your post is published via our social media accounts as well as other platforms, to allow you to reach your audience of choice and gain more leads from guest blogging.

  • Referral Traffic: Send us your guest post and receive targeted referral traffic from guest posts. Our blog receives good visits via Google, Bing, and social media, in addition to other sources. Your post will also attract the most attention when it’s located on the home page.
  • Inbound Link: If you write a guest blog, you’ll get backlinks of high quality that are relevant and aid your SERP rank. Additionally, Google sees backlinks from guest blog posts as natural backlinks. Moreover, when Google implements a fundamental update, you will get the benefits.
  • Lifetime Post: We’ll make sure that your post is on our blog for the duration of time. Sometimes, blog owners remove the guest posts you’ve written without notifying them to tell you. However, we’re honest guys and that guest article will be on our blog for the rest of time.
  • Sharing networks: Your blog post will be shared across various social media platforms in order to make it more popular.
  • Rapidly posted: Don’t leave your post in the queue for long. We’ll handle your content and publish it live when it’s written as per the rules of our blog. Please go through the guest post rules and begin getting your content written.

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