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What has Israel “discovered” in the al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza?

Rifles, grenades, and military vests, according to the Israeli military, have been discovered; however, no Hamas command center has been located to date.

Starting at two in the morning on Wednesday, Israeli troops attacked the major medical institution located in the coastal enclave. Israel has maintained for years that Hamas was operating a command center out of the hospital. According to the Israeli army, the operation assisted them in locating proof to support their claims.

What did they discover at the hospital?

The Israeli military published video footage from the medical complex’s hidden building.

The military alleges in the video that three duffel bags carrying an assault rifle, grenades, Hamas uniforms, and flak jackets were discovered hidden in an MRI lab.

The army also displayed assault guns without ammo clips and a laptop that it claimed to have located.

“These weapons have absolutely no business being inside a hospital,” Israeli military spokesman Jonathan Conricus declared, adding that he thought the information was “just the top of the iceberg.”

What about Hamas tunnels and military command?

In the days preceding the attack, Israel insisted that Hamas was running tunnels beneath al-Shifa Hospital. It further asserted that the hospital served as Hamas’ military outpost and command center.

President of the United States Joe Biden, who charged Hamas with war crimes for housing its military headquarters beneath the hospital, supported Israel’s assertions.

Nevertheless, the Israeli army has not provided any proof of Hamas-run tunnels or a military command center beneath the hospital more than 24 hours after the invasion began.

What is going on in al-Shifa right now?

*The World Health Organization said on Saturday it has lost communication with its contacts in Al Shifa Hospital in northern Gaza, and expressed “grave concerns” for the safety of everyone trapped there by the fighting while calling for an immediate ceasefire

Israel’s military continues to bombard al-Shifa, with forces stationed on all sides of the al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, according to Al Jazeera’s Hani Mahmoud in Khan Younis, southern Gaza.

The Israeli force has demolished the medical facility’s building housing the specialized surgeries. He claimed that all the medical equipment within the building and the walls separating the rooms had been entirely destroyed.

It is thought that about 2,000 people who were taking refuge at al-Shifa, together with hundreds of patients, physicians, and nurses, are still present at the hospital.

As of right now, Barghouti stated, “What we see is that this war is about attacking civilians, attacking hospitals, and destroying medical facilities.”

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