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What are Private Blog Networks?PBN WebEditor Features and Pricing. 

PBN WebEditor is a powerful tool that allows you to easily create and manage private blog networks (PBNs). PBNs can be an effective SEO strategy when used properly. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about PBN WebEditor and how to use it to build successful PBNs.

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For An effective PBN Webeditor to work keep these points in mind:

PBN Webeditors works perfectly with Backorders (Expired domains, which have very high DA PA and can be utilized to their full potential.) Finding these domains from Wayback Machine (Archive org), and catching these backorders or bidding on these domains is another part.

Once you have found a few domains for your PBN Web editor you need to set them up very carefully otherwise thy will be of no use in SEO, you can still use them for guest posts and selling purposes, etc, but here we are discussing about effective Private blogs in one big network. To set them up carefully we will go through following main points:

All Domains of your PBN Webeditor need to be registered with different Domain providers. (Try to register all domains on different unique names for example domain 1 is registered on John Smith, and Domain 2 is registered on John Bailey Smith, you don’t want to lose the domain if the registerer the domain provider tries to verify your identity, you can even register on your friend’s or family member name to have better ambiguity and anonymously)

All Domains Need to be hosted on separate IPs/hostings to keep them anonymous and for better transfer of link juice from 1 high Da to Another. (We are trying to show search engines that each domain has a separate unique identity).

Now Comes the difficult part, keeping records of all these domains and fixing On page-off Page issues, setting up the console fixing indexing errors, getting backlinks, and launching full perfect websites, you can even start ads, social traffic, and verify locations of these websites for better crawlabilities.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions or join our monthly podcasts and private webinar to learn more about these PBN Webeditor services.

How Do PBN Works:

It is a software platform designed specifically for building and managing private blog networks (PBNs) to utilize for SEO and link-building campaigns.

Key features of PBN WebEditor include:

  • Automation of tedious PBN creation tasks like registering domains, generating websites, and content creation.
  • Centralized control panel to manage all PBN sites from one dashboard.
  • Tools to schedule semantic internal linking between PBN sites automatically.
  • Tiered linking structures to make PBN linking appear gradual and natural.
  • Traffic, rankings, and uptime monitoring for all sites.
  • Analysis of backlinks and site metrics to optimize over time.
  • Incorporation of PBN best practices on site age, quality content, linking structures, etc.
  • Affordable monthly subscription plans start at just $49 per month for up to 10 domains.

It simplifies the process of creating and managing powerful private blog networks by automating tedious tasks and centralizing control into one easy-to-use platform designed specifically for PBN management.

What is PBN WebEditor? 

It is a software developed by WebEditor.com specifically for building and managing private blog networks. A private blog network (PBN) is a network of websites and blogs that link to each other and to your money site to pass link equity and rankings. 

PBN WebEditor makes it easy to:

  • Register expired or aged domains to use for your PBN
  • Quickly build out PBN sites on these domains with pre-made templates
  • Create unique, human-written content for your PBN sites  
  • Schedule content publishing and links between your PBN sites
  • Manage all your PBN sites from one centralized dashboard

The main benefit of PBN WebEditor is it automates and manages much of the tedious work involved with building a successful PBN. Everything is handled through one centralized platform.

Why Use PBN WebEditor?

Here are some of the key reasons PBN WebEditor is a top choice for building and managing private blog networks:

1. Automates PBN Creation

PBN WebEditor automates the process of creating entire PBN sites. Rather than having to manually build each site, PBN WebEditor lets you generate complete websites in just a few clicks using pre-made templates. This makes building an entire PBN much faster and easier.

2. Automates Content Creation

Unique, human-written content is important for PBN sites to appear natural. PBN WebEditor integrates with automatic content creation tools to make unique content for your sites. You can generate RSS feeds, articles, and blog posts specific to each site.

Proper internal link-building between your PBN sites is crucial. PBN WebEditor lets you automatically schedule semantic-based linking between sites on your schedule. This makes link-building hands-off.

4. Full PBN Management

Managing numerous PBN sites can be challenging. It centralizes all your PBN sites in one dashboard for easy management. You can access all sites, monitor uptime and traffic, and control publishing and links in one place.

5. Simplifies PBN Best Practices

PBN WebEditor incorporates best practices such as site age diversity, tiered linking structures, semantic links, and human-like posting schedules to make your PBN appear as natural as possible. This improves PBN effectiveness and longevity.

It provides extensive automation, management, and best practices to simplify running successful PBN campaigns. The software handles the tedious PBN tasks for you.

How to Use PBN WebEditor

Using PBN WebEditor involves a few key steps:

1. Select Your Domains

The first step is selecting domains to use for your PBN sites. You can use PBN WebEditor to check domain availability and register expired or aged domains ideal for PBN use. Look for expired domains with decent backlink profiles and site age diversity. 

2. Build Out Your PBN Sites

Once you register domains, use PBN WebEditor to generate complete PBN websites on these domains. Select from pre-made templates and customize sites for each domain. Build out about 10-20 pages per site. Ensure sites have realistic About and Contact pages.

3. Produce Unique Content 

Leverage the content creation tools in PBN WebEditor to make unique, semantic content for your PBN sites. Set the tool to automatically produce articles, blog posts, and RSS feeds with keywords relevant to each site’s niche. Schedule this content to publish over time.

Use PBN WebEditor to schedule internal links between your PBN sites. Structure links semantically, so sites are interlinking with relevant sites. Automate link building across tiers and schedule links to publish gradually like real sites.

5. Manage and Monitor Sites

Use the central dashboard in PBN WebEditor to monitor your PBN sites. Keep sites updated, check traffic and rankings, monitor uptime, analyze link profiles, and make adjustments as needed. Easily control your entire network.

Following these steps allows you to leverage the automation and management capabilities in PBN WebEditor to build high-quality PBNs more easily.

PBN WebEditor Features and Tools

PBN WebEditor contains numerous features and tools that enable easy PBN creation and management:

  • Domain Management- Check availability, register, and track usage of domains for your PBN.
  • Templates- Build sites with premade WordPress templates and themes for diverse sites.
  • Content Tools – Create custom articles, blog posts, and RSS feeds for each PBN site.
  • Link Scheduling- Schedule semantic links between your PBN sites automatically over time.
  • Tiered Linking – Structure links across different tiers for natural flow.
  • Uptime Monitoring- Get alerts if any PBN sites go down to ensure 100% uptime. 
  • Traffic Analytics- Review visitor stats for each site to detect unnatural traffic spikes.
  • Rank Tracking – Track search engine rankings of your PBN domains and money sites.
  • Backlink Analysis – Monitor backlinks earned by your PBN to see the impact.
  • Central Dashboard- Manage your entire PBN from one dashboard for easy access and oversight.

These tools enable you to have extensive control and visibility over your PBN with minimal effort required.

Building a PBN Campaign with PBN WebEditor

Putting this all together, here is a step-by-step overview of building out a complete PBN campaign using PBN WebEditor:

1. Research Keywords and Money Site

Conduct keyword research to find your targets and establish your money site that will benefit from the PBN. Determine the types of sites and content your PBN will need.

2. Select Domains 

Use domain search to find 20-50 expired domains ideal for your network. Look for available aged domains with strong backlink profiles.

3. Generate Sites and Pages

Leverage PBN WebEditor’s templates to quickly build out WordPress sites across your domains. Create 10-20 pages on each site with natural navigation and pages.

4. Produce Content

Use the content tools to generate posts, articles, and RSS feeds relevant to each site. Schedule content to publish weekly over several months.

Schedule semantic internal links between your PBN sites using a tiered linking structure. Automate interlinking relevant sites across tiers.

Once your PBN has aged with internal links, begin linking out from PBN sites to your money site. Structure anchor text and links naturally.

7. Monitor and Manage

Use the PBN WebEditor dashboard to monitor rankings, traffic, uptime, and backlinks. Manage your PBN by updating content, checking links, and analyzing performance.

8. Scale and Expand 

Based on your monitoring, expand your PBN by registering more domains and repeating the process. Continue building tiers and expanding your network.

By following this campaign process, you can efficiently build and manage a powerful PBN with the automation capabilities of PBN WebEditor. Just let the software handle the tedious PBN tasks for you.

Pricing and Plans

We offer pricing plans based on the number of domains you need to manage in your PBN:

  • Starter – Up to 10 Domains – $49/month
  • Professional- Up to 50 Domains – $79/month 
  • Enterprise- Unlimited Domains – $159/month

Higher plans include more domain registrations, content credits, link schedules, and advanced features.

One benefit is you only pay per month, so can cancel at any time. You also get full access to software features and tools regardless of plan.

For most users, the Professional plan should provide enough domains and features to run an effective PBN campaign. The lower pricing makes it affordable for small agencies and SEO professionals as well.

Is PBN WebEditor Worth Using?

In summary, here are some of the key benefits if you are considering using PBN WebEditor:

  • Saves Time – Automates the tedious parts of building PBN sites and content.
  • Powerful Management – All PBN sites are controlled from one centralized dashboard. 
  • Best Practices- Tools promote PBN best practices for natural, effective PBNs.
  • Affordable Pricing – Lower pricing tiers make it accessible for small businesses.
  • Free Trial – Can test it out before you buy with a free 3-day trial.

The extensive automation, management capabilities, and competitive pricing make PBN WebEditor

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PBN WebEditor?

It is software designed to help you easily build and manage private blog networks (PBNs) for SEO purposes. It allows you to quickly create PBN websites, generate content, build links, and manage your network from one dashboard.

How does PBN WebEditor work?

It automates much of the tedious PBN setup process. You can generate complete PBN sites from themes/templates, create custom content, schedule semantic link building between sites, and monitor traffic and rankings. This simplifies running successful PBN campaigns.

What are the main features of PBN WebEditor?

Key features include domain management, templates for site creation, content tools, internal link scheduling, tiered linking, uptime monitoring, traffic analytics, rank tracking, backlink analysis, and a central dashboard to control your entire PBN.

What are the benefits of using PBN WebEditor?

Benefits include saving time on PBN creation, powerful central management, incorporation of best practices, affordable pricing, and access to all main software features regardless of plan.

Is PBN WebEditor expensive?

No, it is very reasonably priced. Plans start at $49/month for up to 10 domains. A Professional plan for up to 50 domains is $79/month. They also offer free trials.

Is PBN WebEditor easy to use?

Yes, it makes running PBN campaigns very easy. The dashboard provides step-by-step guidance on setting up your network. Features are intuitive and the software automates most of the tedious tasks.

Does PBN WebEditor host the PBN sites?

No, you will need to arrange hosting for your PBN websites separately. We focus on streamlining setup and management rather than hosting.

Will my PBN sites get de-indexed using PBN WebEditor?

If you follow proper practices such as using aged domains, quality content, and natural linking, your risks of getting de-indexed are very low. PBN WebEditor incorporates best practices to keep your PBN looking natural.

Can I manage an existing PBN in PBN WebEditor?

Absolutely. You can import existing PBN sites into your PBN WebEditor dashboard and start managing everything from one centralized platform.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

It does not currently offer any money-back guarantee. However, they do offer free 3-day trials so you can test the platform risk-free before purchasing.


SEO News provides the latest updates on tools and strategies for search engine optimization. One recent topic of interest is a powerful software suite for managing private blog networks. According to SEO News, It makes it easy to create high-quality, unique content and distribute it across a private network of sites. 

SEO News highlights that PBN WebEditor has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface so anyone can quickly spin and publish engaging articles. The built-in spinner generates synonyms and rewrites sentences to ensure each piece is unique. This helps avoid duplicate content penalties from search engines.

A key benefit explained by SEO News is PBN WebEditor’s ability to customize content for different sites and niches. You can tailor articles specifically to each site’s theme and target audience. Content created for each site is more likely to rank well and attract organic traffic.

For distributing content, SEO News points out PBN WebEditor’s syndication tool that publishes to all sites simultaneously with one click. This saves an immense amount of time compared to manual publication methods.

Additionally, SEO News covers how PBN WebEditor provides analytics to track content performance across your private network. You can monitor what’s working well and continue optimizing.

In summary, SEO News states that PBN WebEditor is an essential PBN management tool for anyone looking to boost rankings. It enables efficient scaling of high-quality, customized content while saving time on manual tasks. For powerful yet easy private blog network creation is a top choice according to SEO News.



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