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War crime: Another bombing on Gaza’s Indonesian hospital

According to hospital chief Atef al-Kahlout, the Indonesian hospital in northern Gaza has completely closed and about forty-five patients who require immediate surgery have been left in the reception area. “We announce that the hospital has completely stopped operating due to our clinical inability to accommodate patients from Gaza and the north,” al-Kahlout told Al Jazeera.

Israel-Hamas war live: Gaza’s Indonesian Hospital surrounded by tanks

After direct Israeli strikes since the morning, at least 12 people have died at the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza, which is surrounded by Israeli tanks.

Israel’s allegation that it had discovered a Hamas tunnel at the al-Shifa Hospital was rejected by the director of Gaza’s health ministry, who called the report a “pure lie.”

More than 13,000 people have been murdered in Gaza since the Israeli assault began on October 7. Approximately 1,200 people have been officially killed in Israel as a result of Hamas strikes.

There are concerns of a larger escalation after the Houthi rebels in Yemen took control of a cargo ship in the Red Sea that was connected to Israel and held two dozen crew members captive.

“Catastrophic” situation in Indonesian hospital

Ashraf al-Qudra, a spokeswoman at the hospital, supplied Al Jazeera with the following updates on the current developments:

  • We worry that the actions of Israeli forces at al-Shifa Hospital will be repeated.
  • The state of affairs is dire, and the strikes by Israeli forces are getting worse.
  • The employees of the Indonesian hospital are adamant that they will remain to tend to the injured.
  • The hospital is occupied by over 700 individuals, including injured patients and medical personnel.

Four additional people were killed in Israeli attacks on an Indonesian hospital.

According to Health Ministry sources in the enclave, the death toll from Israeli attacks on the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza has risen from eight to twelve.

  • As we have reported, patients and doctors were among the deceased.
  • The hospital is still surrounded by Israeli tanks, according to the latest.


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