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Israeli Airstrike Claims Four Family Members Of The Head Of Al Jazeera’s Gaza Bureau – Latest Gaza Update

The 53-year-old journalist gained notoriety as the Palestinian people’s face during multiple wars.

October 26, 2023 09:09 am | Updated 09:09 am IST

The 53-year-old journalist is well-known in the Arab world for serving as the face of the Palestinian people during numerous wars, so this news was bound to cause a stir. In Gaza, where he was born, he is well regarded for sharing the tales of adversity and pain that people have experienced.

The news channel Al Jazeera reports that an Israeli airstrike on Nuseirat Refugee Camp, in a part of Gaza where the military had urged residents to leave for safety, murdered Dahdouh’s family members. It stated that there were still a number of missing relatives and that the exact number of deaths was yet unknown.

The war in Gaza has forced more than a million Gazans from their domiciles, including Mr. Dahdouh’s family.

Since the war, which is presently in its 19th day, displaced over a million people from Gaza, Mr. Dahdouh’s family had been residing in a house in Nuseirat when the attack took place, based on the network.

According to a report from Gaza’s Health Ministry, over 6,500 Palestinians have died as a result of an Israeli attack.

According to the Israeli government, the ongoing war has claimed the lives of over 1,400 individuals in Israel, the majority of whom were civilians murdered in the initial Hamas attack.

Al Jazeera recapped the moment Mr Dahdouh was told about the killings late on Wednesday. He may be heard on tape picking up a phone and repeatedly asking a terrified caller, “Who are you with?”

Mr. Dahdouh had been on the air earlier, reporting on the consequences of another strike that, according to local officials, had claimed at least 26 lives. Dahdouh has stayed in Gaza City throughout the war, defying Israeli orders for citizens to move south in anticipation of an impending ground assault.

Believing they would feel safer, hundreds of thousands of residents have migrated to Nuseirat and other regions in central and southern Gaza. However, Israeli attacks have not stopped hitting these regions, which are under an Israeli siege and have a serious shortage of gasoline, water, and medication.

Responding harshly and sarcastically to another Al Jazeera correspondent at the al-Aqsa hospital, Mr Dahdouh remarked, “This is the safe area which the occupation army talked about, the moral army.”

Al Jazeera reported in a statement that Mr Dahdouh’s family’s “home was targeted” in an “indiscriminate assault by the Israeli occupation.”

The Israeli army didn’t respond right away. It claims to target exclusively Hamas military targets, although thousands of civilians, according to the Palestinians, have died. Israel accuses Hamas of utilizing people as human shields.

Al Jazeera’s coverage of the battle led to threats from Israel to shut it off. State-owned media outlet Al Jazeera is based in Qatar and is vehemently critical of Israel, especially how it treats the Palestinian people.

The gas-rich nation of Qatar has become a major mediator in the last week over the fate of nearly 200 inmates taken by Hamas militants during their attack on October 7. For more than ten years, Qatar has permitted Hamas to maintain a political office in its capital, Doha. Ismail Haniyeh, the supreme leader of Hamas, and his predecessor, Khaled Mashaal, both reside in the capital, Doha.

Four hostages have been freed: two more on Monday and a mother and daughter on Friday. Mashaal stated that if Israel ceased its aerial bombing of Gaza, all Israelis imprisoned may be released in an interview with Sky News this week. You can get a free IPTV trial to watch local and regional live TV channels to get more updates about the Gaza and Isreal War. Let’s pray to stop all and save humanity.



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