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Israel-Hamas War: Jabalia Strikes Again One Day After Deadly Israeli Attack

  • The Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza has come under attack again, a day after an Israeli airstrike killed dozens of people and sparked widespread condemnation. 
  • Ambulances carrying injured Palestinians entered Egypt from Gaza through the Rafah border gate, which opened for the first time since October 7. 
  • Some foreign nationals or dual passport holders will also be allowed to leave. 
  • Palestinian telecommunications company Paltel said communications and internet services were once again disrupted in the Gaza Strip. 
  • At least 8,796 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli attacks in Gaza since October 7. More than 1,400 people have died in Israel.

About Jabalia Refugee Camp

  • Jabalia is the largest of eight refugee camps in the Gaza Strip
  • The densely populated camp in the north of the besieged area covers an area of ​​just 1.4 square kilometers (0.5 square miles).
  •  According to the United Nations, there are about 116,000 registered refugees in the camp.
  •  The Israeli army has attacked the camp several times since the start of the war, including on October 9, 12, 19, and 22, killing and injuring hundreds of people.
  • The camp is home to three UN-run schools, which have been converted into shelters for hundreds of displaced families.
  •  According to the United Nations, this camp is currently overcrowded and lacks living space.

Silence is okay for a while. When it exceeds the breaking point, silence is a sin. You all are people who will quote Mahmoud Darwish’s love poetry. You’ll romanticize the work of a Palestinian poet. You’ve been so quiet about his work recently. 

Why is that, I wonder? 

Is Palestinian poetry only relevant & heart-touching when it’s about love? 

Not war? 

Or trauma? Or death? 

Or grief? 

Or loss? 

The people of Gaza don’t have a voice anymore; some are dead, some have been silenced. YOU have a voice, a platform, and a privilege. Use it. I see people saying that Linkedin is a professional platform, it isn’t made for political opinions. Are we really gonna choose where to voice our opinions? This isn’t a war. It is genocide. 



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