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Israel-Hamas war: Hamas claims to be “approaching a truce” with Israel

The Hamas leader believes a truce agreement is “approaching”; sources estimate a three- to five-day break in violence.

According to the health ministry, every hospital in northern Gaza is currently closed.

As the Israeli shelling of the Nuseirat refugee camp continues, at least twenty Palestinians are murdered in the strike.

Since October 7, about 13,300 individuals have lost their lives in Gaza. Approximately 1,200 people have officially died as a result of Hamas strikes in Israel.

Video footage of injured children’s testimonies was posted by Palestinian journalist Hani Abu Rezeq following an Israeli bombing of a residence where the youngsters were seeking refuge.

After escaping Shujayea in the eastern Gaza Strip, the youngsters are shown narrating the terrifying moments they had at their home in Nuseirat, central Gaza.

“A missile struck us when we were inside the house. A female may be heard stating, “Some of us were injured.”

After the attack, another girl said that some rocks had fallen on her.

I thought I was being electrocuted, so I started screaming. My mother was next to me but a wall fell on top of her. I was under the rubble too,” she said. “Our neighbors came to help me. They dug under the rubble until they got me out.

At the Indonesian Hospital, There Is No Treatment Accessible for Hundreds of People

In an interview with Al Jazeera, the director-general of the health ministry offered the most recent update on the situation at the besieged hospital in northern Gaza.

The translated remarks by Munir al-Bursh are as follows:

  • Some of the injured people who were transported to the institution have died as a result of the siege.
  • Israeli attacks leave those who are hurt but not killed bleeding out and dying from being unable to get to the facilities.


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