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Israel-Hamas war: Gaza’s hospitals and camps are still being attacked

Attacks that occurred near Gaza’s hospitals and refugee camps overnight and this morning claimed the lives of at least 100 Palestinians.

A four-day Gaza truce and the release of fifty prisoners detained in the enclave have been agreed upon by Israel and Hamas through mediation by Qatar.

As part of the agreement, over 150 Palestinian women and children detained in Israeli prisons will be released.

PM Netanyahu asserts that a deal does not mean that the war would end and promises that the Israeli military will continue to fight after the ceasefire.

Since October 7, about 14,100 Palestinians have died in Gaza. Approximately 1,200 people have officially died as a result of Hamas strikes in Israel.

“This is not war.” It’s terrorism, says Pope Francis

After the deaths of over 14,100 Palestinians in Gaza and approximately 1,200 in Israel since October 7, Pope Francis thinks the Israel-Hamas conflict has devolved into “terrorism.”

After holding separate talks with Palestinian families in Gaza and Israeli relatives of prisoners imprisoned by Hamas, the pope said he had firsthand knowledge of how “both sides are suffering” in the conflict.

This is the effect of war. Here, though, we’ve moved past conflicts. This isn’t combat. It’s terrorism, he declared.

In order to prevent “both sides from going ahead with passions, which in the end, kill everyone,” he begged for prayers.

They murder without compassion

While a few parents stood sobbing and comforting one another, others could be seen congregating to identify the remains of their children.

“The occupation claims humanity, but it kills women and children, without compassion or mercy,” stated one of the corpse handlers. “With cats and birds, they are gentle, but not with children.”

Since the truce agreement was announced, Israeli attacks have persisted across the besieged area and are anticipated to end in the next few hours.



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