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Israel-Hamas War: Gaza’s Communications Are Cut Off

Gaza is under constant heavy bombardment all night long.

Since October 7, at least 9,922 Palestinians have been murdered in Israeli attacks in Gaza and the occupied West Bank. Israel was attacked by Hamas, resulting in the deaths of almost 1,400 people.

The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s party denounces the “barbaric war of extermination” waged by Israel.

The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s party has condemned Israel’s “barbaric war of extermination.”

The Jordanian field hospital in Gaza received emergency medical assistance through parachuting, according to Jordan.

The Israeli army claims to have targeted 450 Hamas targets.

According to the Israeli army, the objectives included fighters, military compounds, observation positions, antitank missile launch sites, and tunnels.

In a related development, the army declared that it had discovered a tunnel entrance belonging to Hamas next to the Sheikh Hamad Hospital in Gaza. A video that military spokesperson Daniel Hagari claimed showed Hamas fighters firing at Israeli forces from inside the hospital was also shown during a press briefing.

It has been impossible to confirm Hagari’s assertions.

Israel has been attacking hospitals and schools because it believes Hamas uses these establishments and the civilian infrastructure around them as a cover for its covert activities.

Hamas has disputed the charges numerous times, blaming the Israeli army for spreading misinformation and harming people.

According to local health authorities, since October 7, Israeli airstrikes have killed people by regularly hitting hospitals, UN-run facilities, refugee camps, schools, mosques, and churches.

Netanyahu declares that there will be no ceasefire in Gaza until the hostages are returned.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected rising calls for a Gaza truce until all of the more than 240 hostages kidnapped by Hamas during its Oct. 7 attacks were returned.

Unless the hostages are returned, there won’t be a truce. Reiterating the government’s longstanding stance, Netanyahu said to crews at the Ramon Air Force Base in southern Israel, “This should be completely removed from the lexicon.”

“We address both our adversaries and allies with this. All we have to do is keep going till we beat them. We are without a substitute.”

Health officials in Gaza said on Sunday that the current conflict has claimed the lives of almost 9,770 Palestinians.



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