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In the attacks on Jabalia in Gaza during the Israel-Hamas conflict, 195 people died and 120 went missing

  • According to Gaza officials, 195 people were killed and 120 were missing in Israel’s bombing of the Jabalia refugee camp, which the UN describes as “disproportionate attacks that may amount to war crimes.”
  • Due to fuel shortages, the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital—the only hospital in Gaza treating cancer patients—had to close. The hospital in Indonesia is powered by a backup generator.
  • Biden has stated that the United States supports a humanitarian pause, which is the first time the US president has said these words.
  • Following the departure of 81 critically ill patients on Wednesday, the Gaza Borders and Crossings Authority has released a list of 596 foreign and dual nationals who will be permitted to exit through the Rafah crossing on Thursday.
  • Since October 7, at least 8,805 Palestinians have died in Israeli attacks on Gaza. In Israel, there have been over 1,400 fatalities.
  • According to Gaza officials, the Rafah border crossing will reopen on Thursday, allowing more foreigners to leave. According to a diplomatic source, 7,500 people with foreign passports would depart Gaza over the course of two weeks.

In an effort to destroy the Islamist organization backed by Iran, Israel has launched air, sea, and ground bombardments of Gaza following its cross-border incursion into southern Israel on October 7. Israel claims that 1,400 people, primarily civilians, were killed and over 200 hostages were taken by Hamas gunmen.

  • According to the Gaza health ministry, Israeli strikes have killed at least 8,796 Palestinians in the narrow coastal enclave, including 3,648 children, since Oct. 7.
  • According to the Palestinian Red Crescent, there were explosions in the early hours of Thursday morning close to Gaza City’s heavily populated al-Quds hospital. The hospital had previously received a warning from Israeli authorities to leave right away, but U.N. officials claimed that this was not feasible without putting patients in danger.


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