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Dox-1 Max cough syrup is dangerous: Uzbekistan said

Uzbekistan’s Health Ministry blames the Doc-1 Max cough syrup, manufactured by Marion Biotech, for the deaths. 

The Health Ministry of Uzbekistan on Tuesday 27, 2022 said 18 children, with critical respiratory disease, have died from taking extreme doses of cough syrup, Doc-1 Max, manufactured by Marion Biotech, an Indian company.

Is Doc-1 Max cough Syrup Dangerous

The children consumed “excessive amounts” of the Doc-1 Max Cough syrup, which contained a high amount of ethylene glycol, a substance that ought not to be present in cough syrup. This comes days after a parliamentary panel in The Gambia discovered “inappropriate levels” of diethylene glycol & ethylene glycol in cough syrups made by Haryana-based Maiden Pharma. Here, the cough syrups were linked to an instance of critical kidney injury that is believed to be responsible for the deaths of at least 63 children.

What India’s health minister said?

India’s health ministry officials said they were “aware” of the report from Uzbekistan but refused comment.

“To date, 18 out of 21 children with sensitive respiratory disease have died as a result of taking Doc-1 Max syrup. It was found that deceased children took 2.5-5 ml of the drug at home for 2-7 days, 3-4 times a day, which overextends the standard dose of the drug for children. All children were offered the drug without a doctor’s prescription.

Since the main component of the drug is paracetamol, Doc-1 Max syrup was incorrectly used as an anti-cold remedy on the recommendation of the pharmacy sellers & this was the reason for the deterioration of the condition of the patients’ preliminary laboratory studies have shown that this series of Doc-1 Max cough syrup contains a high amount of ethylene glycol. This substance is toxic & about 1-2 ml/kg of a 95% focused solution can cause serious changes in the patient’s health, such as vomiting, fainting, convulsions, cardiovascular problems, & sensitive kidney failure.


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