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BTS member’s pic of buzz cut before joining the military

The BTS member Jin has been trending consistently on Twitter since morning and netizens took the help of their creativity to send off their favorite Hyung for military service.

  • The BTS member Jin will be enrolling in military service soon.
  • Jin’s Fans trended #FarewellJin on Twitter.
  • Jin shared his buzz cut pic on Twitter in the morning.

By Srimoyee Chowdhury

It has been quite a very emotional time for BTS ARMYs as K-pop supergroup BTS announced in the morning time that they will be joining the mandatory military service for their country. The eldest member of the septet, Seokjin, is scheduled to join the training camp this month only. Jin also shares his buzz cut picture on their social media. The BTS one of the most famous K-Pop groups joins the military army services this month.

Who is Jin?

Jin is a famous BTS member. He used to live in South Korea. Everybody knows the BTS team and Jin. He was very young when he joined the BTS team because Jin loves dancing and singing. But now he decide to join the military army for their country.

Why did BTS join Military Army?

BTS army announced this month we’re going to join our military army. And today Jin share his buzz haircut pic on social media and write the caption we’re going to join the military army. That confirms BTS surely join the military force for their country. This news is very shocking for everyone. Fans are really in shock after seeing the Jin buzz haircut pic.

For how many times did BTS join the Military

BTS announced their military joining dates but BTS didn’t reveal how many times they joined the military. But as an estimate, BTS join their military force for one year. They give military service to their country for one year. This information is not confirmed. 


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