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Black Friday in USA: The Biggest shopping day of the year

The day following Thanksgiving–commonly referred to as Black Friday–has become one of the busiest shopping days of the year in the United States. The national chain stores typically offer only a few special savings for a range of items to entice shoppers into the retail stores while offering comparable offers on the web.

Every year in the United States, the day after Thanksgiving is the day that marks the start of the season for shopping during the holidays. The day after Thanksgiving, stores nationwide cut their prices, providing amazing deals, and shoppers visit stores in large numbers. The shopping spree, called Black Friday, has become an integral part of American popular culture. It symbolizes the excitement of finding incredible bargains and the chaos that may ensue. In this article, we’ll examine the importance of the evolving trend of Black Friday, shedding light on how it has affected how Americans celebrate the holidays.

A Black Friday History 

The expression “Black Friday” has its roots in the 1960s. However, it was not originally related to the shopping scene. The term was employed by bus and police officers in Philadelphia to describe the hysterical after-Thanksgiving traffic jams and the crowds pouring into the city. Then, the retailers adopted the phrase to refer to this day as an essential moment of change for their business. The stores recorded their losses with red ink while their earnings were in black. This created the term “Black Friday”, signifying the date they moved from red to black. The idea that Black Friday spread across the country, eventually becoming the huge shopping festival it is now.

The Modern Black Friday

Black Friday in the 21st century has become a phenomenon that transcends its modest beginnings. It’s a global event, long before midnight, when major retail stores are opened. Certain stores are now opening the evening of Thanksgiving, leading some to protest from those who think Thanksgiving should be one of family and love and not for purchasing. The appeal to Black Friday deals is undeniable, as many Americans take advantage of the event to cut costs on Christmas presents and other things.

The Black Friday Experience

It is a Black Friday experience that is unique for every buyer. Many view it as an adrenaline-infused adventure and camp out before their favorite retailers, planning the best deals to focus on first. Some consider it an annual event for the family and a family long-running tradition where the excitement of hunting is just as important as the purchase of the items.

The long lines, the crowds, and the chaos could seem overwhelming. However, to many, it’s an integral part of the Black Friday experience. Many shoppers do not stay until they arrive at the shops; they look through Black Friday ads, making meticulous lists and preparing their routes weeks ahead.

Over the last few years, the environment of Black Friday has experienced substantial transformations. E-commerce’s rise has changed the way that people purchase on the day. Brick-and-mortar and online retailers alike offer particular Black Friday deals through their sites, encouraging shoppers to shop online from the convenience in their homes.

The shift towards online shopping is also the cause of an additional tradition called Cyber Monday. It occurs immediately following Black Friday; Cyber Monday provides many online discounts and is an ideal option for shoppers who want to stay clear of the store crowds. The Cyber Monday event has also prolonged the holiday shopping spree and turned the week following Thanksgiving into a multi-day event.

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The Dark Side of Black Friday

Even though Black Friday is a celebrated holiday for many, however, there is controversy. Many critics believe that the commercialism of the day detracts from the essence of this season by focusing on materialistic values over the bond of family and gratitude. Furthermore, the stories of consumers using aggressive strategies and even violent tactics to get deals are attracting negative criticism.

Retail workers often take the brunt of Black Friday madness, as they are in high-stress conditions and often sacrifice the holiday festivities they enjoy. To address these issues, certain retailers have begun to rebuff earlier opening of stores on Thanksgiving and instead focus on the well-being of their employees.


Black Friday is an enduring American tradition celebrating the nation’s penchant for offers and tension. Beginning with the chaos of traffic to its transformation into a national shopping frenzy, Black Friday has become an event that is significant in American culture. The growth of online shopping and the impact of the pandemic, as well as the shift in consumer behavior, has led to significant changes in how we look today. The direction of Black Friday is still unfolding. Yet, there is one certainty: it’ll continue to be an object of interest and discussion throughout American cultural circles for years. If you’re a genuine Black Friday enthusiast or prefer to steer clear of the chaos, it’s a fact that’s undisputed. It’s a holiday that is a permanent mark of the American festive season.



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